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Without putting too fine a point on it, I achieve prices other agents only hope for.  It is not a coincidence.  I have a very simple formula for the sale of real estate, which does not include, wearing Italian made suits, driving fancy European cars or asking my clients to pay for extravagant advertising and styling campaigns.  Of course, if you want to pay for those things, be my guest.  I have a proven track record established over 25-years in the local market of achieving outstanding prices for my clients.  I may not be the agent with the highest volumes.  You may not necessarily have heard of me, or seen one of my recent results. There is afterall only one of me as opposed to some of my more fancied opposition who may have around 50 mouths to feed.

Shane Spence (me) is one of the most qualified and highly experienced real estate agents in NSW.  Having served the industry as both a leading sales and property management specialist for over 25 years, my experience is almost unparalleled; this experience is of unlimited value at times when you might need it to secure the best value for your property.

With my office located in Fairlight, I have proudly served the real estate needs of Fairlight, Manly, Balgowlah, Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore since 1989.

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

In my 30-years of experience, things have changed in the real estate industry.  Once upon a time, we took photos on film, which we had developed at the local chemist.  We would glue photos on brochures and hand write out our copy to be sent to the local newspaper.  There were no emailed proofs.  You got it right the first time or it cost you time and money doing it again.  Now days we have a multitude of resources and expertise to call on: Internet market, emails, newsletters, professional photographers, video production, stylists, even copy writers to tell the story.  But despite these many changes, selling real estate has remained the same: interpersonal skills, follow up calls, setting up the sale for negotiation and closure.

It surprises me then when I see my competitors taking short cuts.  Sold in 5-days, sold in 10-days.  I always wonder, what is the hurry?  If you had the opportunity to gain an additional $10,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more, wouldn’t you wait the extra days of your marketing campaign to realise that objective.  How long does it take to save $50,000 and yet vendors under the direction of their agents, seem willing to forego that opportunity for the sake of a couple of weeks.

Patience and Timing.  These are the key elements in any negotiation.  The person who controls the timing and speed of a negotiation is the one who walk away happiest with the outcome.

My clients gain the benefit of my extensive local experience and knowledge, quality customer service, outstanding communication and integrity. 

My aim has always been to provide my clients with excellent professional service. I must be doing something right! In a market dominated by larger franchised agents, my business has steadily grown from referral and repeat business.

Irrespective of your interest in real estate I endeavour to treat everyone with the same level of respect and dignity. I acknowledge, the public looks to professional, fully qualified agents for guidance; expect us to perform our duties in an honest, frank manner; and, to provide assistance to those with less knowledge and skills.

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