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About me

In the 25 and more years I have been operating in the real estate industry, I have seen many changes in the manner in which properties are sold, marketed and managed. We have gone from small black & white classified style advertising to full colour gloss newsprint; now the emphasis has moved away from traditional forms of print media and has moved almost exclusively to internet services, professional photography and copy writing, 3D video presentations and professional property styling.  The industry has access to online sales data, trust accounting packages and social media. One thing that hasn’t changed over all of these years is the simple fact that selling or managing real estate has less to do about properties than it has to do about people. From my perspective real estate is about forming trusted long term relationships with vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants.  A good real estate agent treats each and every one of these people with the same level of respect and dignity as the other. The better I am at communicating with my clients the better I am able to assist them achieve their goals. If I am to succeed, I need to ensure my services add real and significant value to my client. Irrespective of whether I am selling, leasing or managing real estate I cannot afford to be just an unavoidable cost to my client.  Everything I do on behalf of my client needs to enhance the value of their property or to enhance their experience of engaging with me. This might be: having a thorough understanding of current legislation; having the skills to represent a client before a tenancy tribunal; managing a Trust Account in accordance with the Property Stock & Business Agents Act; negotiating a sale equally as well as you negotiate a tenancy; composing a marketing campaign that is as effective as it is affordable; understanding building repairs and maintenance, renovations and styling for both the sales and rental markets; having trades and other services on hand to assist in a variety of tasks. Each and every aspect of a myriad of activities I complete must enhance my clients life otherwise I am not worthy of the faith they put in my services. I always welcome new people in to my world and I look forward to meeting you. Thank you SHANE SPENCE

Valuable Information

Shane Spence Real Estate can provide a wealth of information to you whether you are buying or selling. I love what I do so I am very particular about value and respect when it comes to your property. Please call the office today for extra information on my services and how I can help you.

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